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Why Japanese Cloud Trees Make Great Gifts

Japanese Holly

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What are cloud trees?

Cloud trees are trees that have been trained and/or pruned into the shapes of clouds and cloud forms.

What cloud trees do we offer?

The Ilex Crenata ‘Kimne’ Bonsai (Cloud Tree) Japanese Holly – Tuscan is one of our most in demand products. Bonsai are always popular, and this one even moreso.

Why do cloud trees make good gifts?

  • Cloud trees are smaller than most trees, making them easy to place and handle.
  • Their slow growing and evergreen making them easier to manage and more.
  • The care that it needs make it a more engaging plant too, and not one that will just be forgotten about.
  • This is a unique plant that has its own character and no two grow quite the same way. as this plant grows it will become a talking point and it is the gift that keeps giving as it improves every year.

Where can this be used?

  • Feature plant on patio.
  • Close to or near a seating area.

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