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Bonsai Care Kit

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Here at Plants and Trees Online we provide the best value bonsai and quality bonsai care:

bonsai care kit Quality Care

Our specially formulated bonsai care feed provides your bonsai with all the nutrients it needs. Our special pruning scissors will provide a a clean cut to your bonsai.


Our Bonsai Care Kit is one the of the best value bonsai tool kits on the web.

The Guide

Most kits are two piece bonsai care kits with just the feed and scissors. As well as being competitively priced we also provide a starter guide for bonsai beginners?. As most kits dont’t provide this, we consider this a helping hand for anyone looking to get into the world of bonsai.

Are you looking for a Bonsai Care Kit?

Try our 3 Piece Care Kit page.

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