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SucculentWhat are Succulent Plants?

Succulent Plants are plants that are drought resistsant due to them storing water in their leaves. They have parts that are normally fleshy and thickened. Due to them having grown in areas with less water they’ve evolved into being able to store it up for longer periods. All cacti are a sub group of the succulent range.

Why do Succulent Plants popular?

Succulent Plants are low maintenance due to the fact that they need to be watered less and are easy to care for. This makes them the perfect choice for the beginner as a starter plant and as an indoor plant.

Succulents like dry humidity and whilst they favour direct light they can adapt to lower light levels making them a very flexible plant and perfect for indoor conditions.

They’re also very considerably cold resistant, demonstrated by succulents that survive in the desert where temperatures significantly dip at night.

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