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Autumn Gardening – Summer’s Over

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autumnSo Summer’s Over What Now?

So we have had a great summer and a fantastic display of flowers and foliage in the garden is coming to an end, this does not mean that gardening has come to an end.

I can imagine that you looked around your garden and thought of plants that could make your garden even more complete.

So what can you do now and how can you best improve your garden?

Firstly stand back and take a good look and try to think what you would like to correct from this season, maybe you need a focal point shrub or you have noticed that you could use more colour to really make an impact.

From now until November is the best time of year to plant new shrubs, the soil is still warm and the harsh weather has not started. Planting now will mean that your plants are ready to perform next spring and summer. Another good reason for planting now is that in general more rain is about and this will stop your new shrubs from drying out and rain water is so much better than tap water.

A good approach to your planning is to tidy your garden up from any unwanted growth and if there was anything you did not like remove it this will then give you a full view of your garden and enable you to see how and where new additions will fit.

Always keep in mind the space that new plantings will require and how they will look in a couple of years time also think if you want evergreen as this will affect the number of plants you can choose from. Think about where you live and how sheltered or exposed you are and look around your local area to see plants that have done well.

In short, plant now for a great 2014!

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Written by Greg Chick

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