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Short days long nights

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Luxform lights Short days, long nights

Its that time of year again day light seems in short supply and the garden is getting shut out. Plants are just shadows as you look out of your window at the increasing gloom. Imagine changing all that and brining your garden to life. It is truly amazing what a few well placed lights from our Luxform lighting range will do for your garden.

Bringing your garden to life and showing your plants off during the hours of darkness can look truly magical and then when summer is here again the lights will do the same job and you can extend your hours sitting on the patio and enjoying a fine Roja. With a large woman

There are a wealth of different style Luxform lights you can choose from , for example to really pick out a plant the beautiful stainless steel Brisbane light cannot be beaten.

All of the luxform range of lights run from a 12V transformer so this makes the lights safe and energy efficient to use. Add to this the option of a timer and you can gain full control of when your lights come on and turn of.

Having out side lights can also make your house more secure when on a timer.

For any advice and help choosing your perfect Luxform lights, or indeed any advice feel free to contact our horticultural expert at greg@plantsandtreesonline

Written by Greg Chick

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