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House Plants: it doesn’t have to be this way

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bird of paradise

Houseplants walk into any supermarket or DIY shed and you will stumble over a host of different houseplants in many different hues and types from all parts of the world the question is will it grow in my house or will it suffer a slow painful death?

When buying a houseplant it is tempting to go for one with lots of different colours and one that is tropical looking but in general this is a mistake that will more often than not end in a frustration.

The first thing you have to understand are the conditions of the room that you are thinking of placing your houseplant in, it is to be understood that a plant that has bright coloured leaves is in general going to require a lot more light . If you look at the area the house plant grows in in the world and try to recreate that then you will not go far wrong.

The bathroom offers a great place for many a house plant as it tends to be light and quiet often humid so a range of plants seem to grow well in these conditions. Plants with leaves that have coloured margins tend also to need good light levels otherwise you will find overtime that the leaves will become just one colour.

Houseplants also dry out more quickly as modern central heating is very dry it is all very well pouring water into the pot but also it is a good idea to spray the plant with tepid water at least twice a week, if you can place expanded clay granules on top of the soil as this will create very local humidity and act to keep the compost moist.

A major killer of houseplants is kindness, do not over water just keep the soil moist and do not over feed, really you should only feed at the start of the growing season and if growth is rapid maybe once a month but no more.

There are benefits to having plants indoors, plants tend to clean the air and make people feel better and more relaxed, they offer another feel to the room and soften edges.

Just a little thought will allow you and your house plant to live well together

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Azalea Bonsai buddhist bonsaiChinese elm bonsai

Bird of Paradise Boungainvillea Flower Aloe Vera

bird of paradise Bougainvillea flower aloe vera


Written by Greg Chick


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