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Amazing Jack o’ Lanterns

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Amazing Jack o’ Lanterns

The latest in our Halloween Special, here’s some our favourite Jack O Lanterns.

Ajack-o’-lanternis a carved pumpkin linked with the holiday of Halloween. It was name like this because ofthe phenomenon of strange light flickering over peat bogs.In a jack-o’-lantern, the top is cut off, and the inside flesh then scooped out;a monstrous face, is carved out, and the lid replaced.

1. Cat

Jack O' Lantern

2. Traditional

Traditional Jack o lantern

3. Terrified

Terrified jack o'lantern

4. Wolf

Wolf- Jack o'Lantern

5. Muppet

Muppet - jack o'lantern


6. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty  Jack o'Lantern

7. Smiley Jack o’Lantern

Smiley Jack o'Lantern

8. Welcome

Welcome Jack o'Lantern

9. Carousel


10. Hottest Pumpkin in Town

Hottest pumpkin in town

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