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Bonsai Tree 3 Piece Set Care Kit – Feed & Scissors & Guide

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    Our 3 Piece Bonsai Care Kit consists of Bonsai liquid feed, pruning scissors and a care guide.

    250ml of Chrysal Bonsai Liquid Feed

    This specially formulated food gives your Bonsai tree the balanced food it needs. You should fertilise your Bonsai tree from spring onwards, once every month. Do NOT feed the tree during its resting period (Nov- March). Always water your Bonsai tree before feeding it to make sure you do not burn the roots and damage the tree.

    A pair of 120mm Bonsai Pruning Scissors

    These 120mm pruning scissors will produce a clean cut for trimming leaves and pruning branches on your small bonsai tree, helping them to grow and limiting the risk of the tree becoming infected.

    Bonsai Tree Care Guide

    Our special Bonsai care guide introduces the Bonsai family to you. It informs you of how the bonsai should be kept, including the temperature, watering and feeding of your tree.

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