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Chinese Elm Bonsai Broom Form (Ulmus parvifolia)

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    The Chinese Elm is one of the most common varieties of Bonsai. Elms grows fast making it easy to build up a dense foliage mass by pruning alone within a few years. With them being quite an adaptable species they are more tolerant to imperfect growing conditions. Fortunately, due to their natural vigour, they are very good at recovering from accidental neglect, making them ideal for beginners.

    Broom Form:The broom form replicates the way many deciduous trees grow in nature given ideal growing conditions with no competition from other trees. It is particularly recommended for fine branching species.We understand that Bonsai need extra maintenance in terms of pruning, feed and care so we now offer a bonsai care kit.


    We now provide a 3 Piece Bonsai Care Kit with bonsai feed, pruningscissorsand our own Bonsai Care Guide.

    Pot size (cm) : 15 (litres)