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Japanese Holly Bonsai Informal Form (Ilex Crenata)

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This Japanese Holly bonsai tree is very easy to care for but can be slightly dryer in the winter months. These trees are outdoor trees but do need protection from frost throughout the winter. They are a rewarding bonsai to grow and can produce small white flowers followed by purple fruit (non-edible). If you keep this plant indoors then it must have a cool winter period or it can effect the health of the tree.

Informal Form: This form is the most commonly seen in Bonsai and in nature. It can be used for most tree species. The trunk can twist, turn and change direction with a number of bends along its length though the growth is basically upwards. We understand that Bonsai need extra maintenance in terms of pruning, feed and care so we now offer a bonsai care kit. See below.


We now provide a 3 Piece Bonsai Care Kit with bonsai feed, pruning scissors and our own Bonsai Care Guide.