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Ligustrum Bonsai (Shape on Rock)

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    Ligustrum bonsai is an admirable miniature tree to grow. It is native to the woodlands and bushes of North America, Asia, Australia, Himalayas, and Europe. Ligustrum or Privet has about 50 species and each tree species have their own form and colour of leaves. Ligustrum bonsai produces beautiful scented white flowers and it also bears a small round fruit.


    Position Ligustrum in an illuminated area, with direct sunlight in at least some part of the day. Although the Ligustrum is an outdoor species, it is also suitable for indoors (in this case the tree should be placed inside during winter).

    We understand that Bonsai need extra maintenance in terms of pruning, feed and care so we now offer a bonsai care kit. See below.


    We now provide a 3 Piece Bonsai Care Kit with bonsai feed, pruning scissors and our own Bonsai Care Guide.

    Pot size (cm) : 25 (litres)