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Pepper Tree Bonsai Informal Form (Zanthoxylum Piperitum)

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The pepper tree gets it name from the small fruits it produces, which look like small black pepper corns. The leaves when rubbed give off a wonderful subtle citrus/lemon scent and the fruits and are often used in Japanese & Korean cooking (Sichuan pepper). This tree is relatively new for bonsai culture and is not widely found. It is however very popular and easy to grow. The leaves are tiny compound leaves and very glossy. In summer small flowers emerge usually followed by the fruits.

Informal Form: This form is the most commonly seen in Bonsai and in nature. It can be used for most tree species. The trunk can twist, turn and change direction with a number of bends along its length though the growth is basically upwards.We understand that Bonsai need extra maintenance in terms of pruning, feed and care so we now offer a bonsai care kit. See below.


We now provide a 3 Piece Bonsai Care Kit with bonsai feed, pruningscissorsand our own Bonsai Care Guide.