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Cedrus Deodara Pendula – Weeping Deodar 300/350cm

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5 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
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    Cedrus Deodara Pendula is a pendulous-branched plant with glaucous foliage. They are large evergreen trees with needle-like leaves that are arranged in spirals on young shoots and in whorls on short spur-like side shoots; oval cones break up and release seeds while still attached to the tree. They are very architectural and look fantastic on their own as a specimen.

    Planted by gardeners for its ornamental value, the Deodara Pendula has majestic drooping evergreen foliage. It is fast growing and should be in a nice sunny spot with moist well drained soil. No pruning is required.

    Height (cm) : 300 – 350 (cm)