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Hedera Colchica Dentata Variegata (Persian Ivy)

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Hedera colchica ‘Dentata Variegata’ is a vigorous fast-growing self-clinging large evergreen climber. The large, leathery leaves of Persian Ivy are mottled lime green with a broad creamy -white or yellowish margin. Mature plants produce large, green spherical flowers in autumn.Because of the heart-shaped leaves this plant is also known as Bullock’s Heart Ivy.

‘Dentata Variegata’ is less vigorous than the plain, green-leaved variety of Hedera colchica so requires less pruning. It prefers a partially shaded site preferably against a north-facing wall and well-drained alkaline soil.


Hedera colchica ‘Dentata Variegata’ is an attractive fast growing fully hardy climber, excellent for brightening up shady spots as fast-growing ground cover or for covering walls and fences .


Eventual Height: 5m Eventual Spread: 5m