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Topiary Well with Dome 170cm high (Ligustrum Delavayanum or Ilex Crenata)

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    A specialised pruning technique allows the plant to undertake varies shapes and forms. This creative inspiration gives gardens a sculptured sense and just the correct amount of magical style and movement. This technique has been subsequently improved with the construction of a metal frame which supports the plants allowing them to become well defined sculptures which are easy to care for and maintain.

    The Topiary Well with Roof is a plant clipped to a Well with Roof shaped frame. The frame is made from a stainless steel topiary frame; therefore it will never rust or deteriorate.

    This topiary art is clipped using theLigustrum Delavayanum (Delavay Privet)plant. It is a compact, spreading, evergreen shrub with oval, dark green leaves and panicles of white flowers in early summer followed by round, blue-black fruit.

    To keep your topiary in good shape, you will need clean sharp shears. Begin cutting in mid spring by following the shape of the topiary, and then trim every other month through the summer until September. Do not trim after early autumn as frost may damage young shoots. Your frame protects from over trimming and allows you to tie and train branches.

    Height (cm) : 170 (cm)