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Citrus Lime (Lime Trees) – Limetta

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Unlike most citrus plants, the Lime tree is not a hardy plant. They are capable of surviving brief periods below 0C, though may lose leaves, flowers and fruit as a result. Lime trees are best grown in large containers and moved indoors to a bright position before the first frosts in Autumn.

Lime trees are perhaps the most exciting of all ornamental citrus trees to grow because of their rarity in Britain. Lime trees are evergreens that produce green fruits containing sour, acidic pulp, which are usually smaller and sourer than lemons. Limes are grown all year round and used to accent the flavours of foods and beverages. Lime juice is a good source of vitamin C though lemons have a higher concentration.

Lime trees need plenty of sun and watering, whether when indoors or outdoors so make sure they are positioned in a place which receives sun all day long. The lime tree tolerates all soil types but prefers moist soil.